Pac-Man comes to life (and other things we didn’t cover)

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As the week winds down, we have been scavenging the Internet for Thursday's edition of GeekBytes. Prepare to laugh, cry, and maybe even scratch your chin in mild bemusement as we present to you a few things that didn’t make it to the front page.

Earthquake in Indian Ocean May Signal Formation of New Tectonic Plate [Nature]

That's quite a mouthful of a headline, I’ll admit. Anyway, two earthquakes with magnitudes over 8.0 struck in the Indian Ocean back in April of this year. Not only did the earthquakes occur in an area where there is no current plate boundary, these earthquakes were classified as “strike-slip” earthquakes (where two tectonic plates slide by each other), which are much less common than earthquakes that occur as plates collide.

Nature has more on the implications of the quakes on their website, along with how this could be “the clearest example of newly formed plate boundaries” ever observed.

Remote Control Pac-Man and Ghost Racers [I Want One of Those]

Have you ever been at an arcade, trapped in a corner during a game of Pac-Man, wishing that once the ghosts caught your small yellow man you wouldn’t be forced to put in another quarter? Well, you should probably buy one of the many console or mobile iterations of the game, doofus.

But after you do that, why not check out this £29.99 (almost $50) pack of remote controlled racers modeled after Pac-Man and Blinky (the red ghost)? Whether or not you plan on actually racing the two iconic video game characters around your house, at least you can always irritate your parents/roommates/loved ones with the button on the remotes that plays the classic Pac-Man theme tune. [via Gizmodo]

Star Wars Watches Feature R2-D2 and Some Sith [Seiko Japan]

And finally, because I can’t in good faith go two weeks without mentioning something Star Wars-related, look at these amazing Star Wars watches courtesy of Seiko Japan. There were only limited amounts of each model made, so move quickly if you want to snag one before you’re “forced” to scour eBay in search of one. That was a Star Wars joke. [via OhGizmo!]

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