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Are you suffering from newsletter overload? Does your inbox see a daily deluge of store promotions, Google Alerts, and/or awesome technology sites (ahem)?

I feel your pain. Sometimes I feel like I spend half my morning just sifting through all this stuff.

If your email provider is AOL, Gmail, Google Apps, Mac.com, Me.com, or Yahoo, check out Swizzle Sweeper. This potentially awesome service aggregates any or all of your subscribed newsletters into a single daily digest, effectively turning a boatload of inbox clutter into just one email.

All you do is sign into your account, then wait while Swizzle searches your inbox for newsletters.

When it's done, you'll see a list of everything that qualifies. (Swizzle found over 200 in my inbox. Sheesh!) For each sender, you have the option of clicking Unsubscribe Me (which instantly takes you to the unsubscribe page for that company or service) or Move to Digest.

The latter option intercepts subsequent emails from that source and adds them to your Swizzle digest, which can be delivered daily (morning, noon, or evening time) or on any given day of the week. (It would be nice if you could divert some newsletters into a weekly digest and others into a daily one.)

Cool, right? It will be, but for the moment, Swizzle has a couple issues. First, Google produced a security warning when Swizzle requested access to my Gmail account. I approved it anyway (I always take a security bullet for the Hassle-Free team), but that didn't fill me with faith. For what it's worth, I later signed into a Yahoo account and noticed no such warning.

Second, after I made my selections and finished setting up an account, I couldn't get a look at my digest; the site kept steering me back to the main Browse page (which didn't have any of my newsletters, only various commercial ones).

Finally, I couldn't find a way to return to that selection screen in order to add (and/or unsubscribe) more newsletters.

Until Swizzle works out these kinks, you can accomplish something similar with PhilterIt, a slick browser-based service that filters out branded email.

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