Study, iPhone Satisfaction High: But For How Long?

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Study, iPhone Satisfaction High: But For How Long?
A new survey reports 73 percent of iPhone owners are "very satisfied" with their purchase - nearly double the satisfaction level of its nearest competitor's phones from HTC. The study was conducted by ChangeWave Research between June 14 to 24 - before the iPhone 4 Death Grip issue became headline news. The iPhone 4 debuted June 24.

It's fair to say when ChangeWave Research was wrapping up its survey an Apple iPhone love fest was peaking. If the survey was taken just a few weeks later it could have led to a completely different outcome.

According to ChangeWave Research's June smartphone survey, 52 percent of likely smartphone buyers wanted iPhones. That's a 21 percent jump in iPhone interest over the previous year, according to the study. ChangeWave Research observed that consumer interest in smartphones in June was at all-time high and credits that interest with the "momentum" of both Apple iPhone 4 and HTC's Android phones.

How iPhone Competition Did

Thirty-nine percent of HTC customers were very satisfied, with both Motorola and Palm at 34 percent and LG at 31 percent. Research in Motion showed significant declines, but still its very satisfied users were ranked at 30 percent. Samsung, Nokia and Sony-Ericsson rounded out the bottom of the list. (click image to enlarge)

"It's like Hollywood when Avatar came out," ChangeWave research director Paul Carton told Forbes. "The iPhone was sucking all the oxygen out of the room."

Of course the survey was taken during full-blown iPhone 4 mania, which would only increase Apple's cachet among users and those coveting the phone. Fortunately for Apple iPhone 4 users were not surveyed given many owners were just turning on their new phones for the first time when the study was concluded.

Antenna Issues Might Dominate an Updated Survey

So far Apple has denied the iPhone suffers from a hardware flaw and says a software fix is in the works. Others advised users to buy a $30 bumper case and have recanted positive reviews of the iPhone 4. Still others are mounting a class-action suit.

It just goes to show how quickly consumer sentiment can change in just a few weeks.

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