5 Ways the Droid X Beats the iPhone

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I've been putting my new Droid X through its paces, and feeling sorry for my friends who opted for an iPhone 4. Here are four reasons the Droid X beats the iPhone 4.

Big screen

The Droid X sports a 4.3-inch screen; the iPhone's is 3.5 inches. That's a significant difference, and I can tell you that when it comes to smartphone screens, size does matter. You see more content on Web pages, more video....just plain more of everything. Especially useful is that with the big screen, the onscreen keyboard is larger and easier to see and use.

Hot Spot and tethering

I can tether a computer to the Droid X to give the computetr Internet access, which means that wherever I am, my PC or Mac has broadband access. Better yet, I can turn the Droid X into a portable Hot Spot and give multiple computers wireless access to the Internet.

True, it costs an extra $20 a month to get that service, but it's worth it. And those who don't want to pay the extra money can always get a copy of PDANet, and tether the Droid X to their PC or Mac.

The iPhone 4 doesn't allow for tethering and can't be a Hot Spot.

No Big Brother to tell me what I can download

With the Droid X, I can download whatever I want. There's no Big Brother telling me that certain content is politically incorrect, or that it doesn't like a particular app, or that it doesn't like the tools used to write a particular app. Freedom is a grand thing.

On the iPhone, you can only download what Apple says you can download. What it bans and what it allows are apparently random. Babes in bikinis are fine if they're in an app from a big brand like Sports Illustrated, but not fine if they're in an app from a smaller developer. Political cartoonists are often banned --- until they win the Pulitzer Prize, and then they're fine.


Swype is a nifty alternative keyboard that lets your quickly swipe your finger across a keyboard, spelling words, rather than having to tap. It's amazingly fast and amazingly accurate. It's built right into the Droid X. It's not built into the iPhone 4.

Three words: No duct tape

When I want to make a phone call with the Droid X. Then I make the call. No duct tape, new case, or bumpers required. You can't say the same about the iPhone 4.

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At a Glance
  • Motorola Droid X shines at multimedia playback, network performance, and features; but the interface can occasionally be sluggish.


    • Beautiful 4.3-inch display
    • Intuitive, full-featured software


    • Interface can sometimes be sluggish
    • Not launching with latest version of Android
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