Great geeky Halloween pumpkins

22 awesome Halloween pumpkins for tech enthusiasts and geeks

22 awesome Halloween pumpkins for geeks and techies

iPhone eye-popping pumpkin

In design firm IDEO's 1-hour pumpkin carving competition, Garrett Winther rigged a pneumatic kit inside a pumpkin, allowing him to pop the jack-o-lantern's eyes in and out using an iPhone.

Google pumpkin doodle

Google's known for its creative doodles. Last year the company the company carved its Halloween doodle out of giant pumpkins – the largest weighing 1298 pounds.

Portal pumpkin

Neil Fraser built this awesome pumpkin turret referencing the game Portal. The motorized pumpkin turret can pivot up and down and turn side to side.

Egg Bot pumpkin

The Egg Bot is a marker-based printer designed to draw on eggs, but apparently it can do a pretty great job on small pumpkins too. If you're not too carving-savvy, just let the Egg Bot design your pumpkin for you.

Angry Birds

Yeah, Angry Birds are still everywhere. Even on our pumpkins.

Via TalkAndroid

Twitter Fail Whale

Scott B. carved Twitter's iconic "Fail Whale" image into a pumpkin. Makes about as much sense as birds airlifting a whale.

Space shuttle

The Space Shuttle seems to be everywhere these days, and with Halloween coming up, why not on a pumpkin?

Courtesy of Ernest Aguayo

Death Star with laser

Not only is a pumpkin the ideal shape to carve a Death Star, but this one even features a laser for all your Alderaan-destroying needs.

Courtesy of Bonedaddybruce

iPad pumpkin enclosure

iPadEnclosures ' $0.99 app turns your iPad into a various pumpkin faces. All you gotta do is stuff your $500 tablet into a pumpkin. You probably don't want to leave it outside.


Ray Villafane is sort of like the Michelangelo of pumpkin carving. This highly-detailed and scary Predator head shows why.

Apple Star Trek

Super nerdy yet kinda cool. Somebody finally figured out how to merge the world of Apple fanboys with the Trekkie universe.

Courtesy of Opacity

Steve Jobs

Celebrity pumpkin carver Alex Wer carved this iconic image and presented it to Apple as homage to Steve Jobs' life.

Pumpkin with LEDs

Mike Szczys rigged this pumpkin with a matrix of 70 LEDs, which can display messages and simple graphics.


This Battlestar fan carved a Cylon and even added LEDS.

Courtesy of Windell

Pumpkin PC by PCWorld labs

A shout out to the PCWorld labs for this one. Yes, it's a fully functional PC encased in a pumpkin.

Robo Pumpkin

Robo Pumpkin resembles a prop from a 1950s sci-fi flick. Robo Pumpkin isn't actually functional, but he does look cool.



Like the Death Star, R2D2 is perfectly shaped for life as a gourd. Only thing missing is a hologram projector.

Courtesy of Noel Dickover


This Tron carving really captures the German Expressionist glowing-neon style of the original film.

Courtesy of Noel Dickover

Troll Face

The mascot of trolling even trolls pumpkins. Problem?

Courtesy of Justin

Starship Enterprise

Here's the Starship Enterprise a la J.J. Abrams. Though it could use a few more lens flares.


Iron Man

Here's a really sharp Iron Man carving by Scott Cummins.


Gotta love the ingenuity to this little guy. He's rigged with a servo that makes his mouth open, then snap shut.

Courtesy of Windell

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