Google wants to map the Grand Canyon (and other things we didn’t cover)

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L. Brian Stauffer

It's time for your mid-week instalment of GeekBytes! In today's wrap-up, we look at how brainwaves can predict videogame skill, how Google os taking StreetView to new levels, and how students in Bangladesh got in trouble for using hacked technology.

Your Brainwaves Can Predict Your Videogame Skill [EurekAlert]

Researchers at the University of Illinois believe that measuring your brainwaves can help predict whether you'll be any good at playing videogames, and show how quickly you can adapt to a game. The study, published in the Psychophysiology journal, found that scientists can determine who will improve at playing a game faster than others by reading brainwave oscillations. From the 39 participants it was discovered that those with strong ‘alpha brainwave activity’ showed better reaction times than those with weak activity.

Postdoctoral researcher Kyle Mathewson explains that, “by measuring your brain waves the very first time you play the game, we can predict how fast you'll learn over the next month.” [via Geekosystem]

Google Street View Goes Grand [Google Blog]

Google recently ramped up its efforts to bring more unique Street View experiences to Google Maps, including taking their Street View technology inside buildings, down the Amazon, and up mountains. Now, plans to map the Grand Canyon by trekking through the expansive gorge with the company's latest Trekker 360-degree camera. The Google Maps team is currently hiking through the canyon's South Rim, and the results should be available to view in the coming weeks.

Custom Wrist Watches House Secret Mobile Phones, Help Exam Cheaters [Brisbane Times]

A group of students in Bangladesh got caught cheating on their exams thanks to the help of a customized wristwatch. According to reports, the hacked watches actually housed a mobile phone that allowed the students to receive the required answers directly to their wrist. Yeah, that's not going to go over so well.

Remember folks, use hacking for good!

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