DIY demon is this year's best costume (and other things we didn't cover)

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Halloween is fast approaching, and unlike normal people, for us GeekTechers it doesn't merely mean pumpkins, candy, and costumes; it means gadgetized pumpkins, candy, and costumes! If you're not yet ready for Halloween, check out this Halloween-themed edition of GeekBytes for all the cool creepy (yes, gadgetized creepy!) things we didn't cover.

Arduino demon costume will change your voice and turn your eyes to LEDs [YouTube]

For real techies, what could be better than an Arduino-powered costume? Phil Burgess built this creepy electronic demon costume as nothing more than a Google+ Hangout prank, and it turned out to be a real hit. And no wonder. With animated LEDs for eyes and an awesome voice changer befitting of Darth Vader, Burgess has managed to build the ultimate geeky costume. Trust me, if you wear this for Halloween, you won't be forgotten. Watch the video for more details, just in case you want to build one of your own. [via Adafruit]

Optimus Prime hoodie will keep you warm and well-costumed year round [80stees]

It's official: I have found my dream hoodie. Not only is it perfect for a minimalistic yet geeky Halloween, it's also a match made in heaven for any techie out there who wants to make some childhood dreams come true. After all, who didn't want to be Optimus Prime as a child? The hoodie turns you into your favorite Transformer, complete with Optimus's antennae and mask, and includes all the right details such as lights and grill. For $60, it's a bargain Halloween costume you'll be using year round!

DIY singing pumpkins are the awesome finishing touch to your Halloween party [YouTube]

Built with a custom Arduino-compatible board called Minion, these are not your regular Jack-O-Lanterns. In fact, they're Jack O and the Lanterns! With their creepy colorful eyes and lip-sync action, their performance of Ghostbusters truly is a thing to remember. Surprisingly, they're not that hard or expensive to build, and if you start now, you can probably make it in time for your Halloween party. You can find a full tutorial on MinionCity, or just enjoy the band's performance of Thriller instead. [via Hack a Day]

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