Nyan, nyan, nyan your way into hearts this Halloween with a DIY Nyan Cat hat

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Ben Katz

Ah, the ubiquitous Nyan Cat. Few and far between are those on the Internet who have yet to hear its siren call. That said, there are still plenty of people in the real world who have yet to learn of the Nyan Cat—something that you can remedy with this snazzy Nyan Cat top hat.

As spotted by the ever-vigilant Hack A Day, the Nyan Cat hat is more than just a colorful accessory: The Pop Tart-encased feline will actually revolve around the brim of the hat to the infamous song.

Built in just over two weeks by one Ben Katz, the Nyan Cat Hat apparently features "cam-actuated linkage plates, laser cut gears, more acrylic and polycarbonate than any hat should have," 60 white LEDs, an old iPod nano, a pair of two-transistor oscillators, and a 9.9-volt lithium nanophosphate battery pack.

If you're interested in constructing your own Nyan Cat Hat, you might be thrilled (?) to know that Ben Katz was nice enough to document the process for posterity. Though they're not exactly step-by-step directions, the bounty of videos, photographs and textual descriptions will probably be sufficient for those with some familiarity with the process of engineering DIY projects like this.

Now…good luck on getting that damn Nyan Cat song out of your head. Nyan nyan nyan...

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