Review: Right-Click Context Menu Adder gets you to what you need on your PC faster

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I'm sure you can come up with a small list of Windows files, folders, programs, and websites that you use frequently.  The normal mode of play is to use your browser to access those websites and click through the Start Menu or Windows Explorer to find the files, folders, and programs you are looking for. That can add up to a lot of time and a lot of clicking. So what if you could put those sites, files, folders and programs into the Windows right-click menu and access them with two clicks? That's where free utility Right-Click Context Menu Adder enters the scene.

Right-Click Context Menu Adder's simple interface makes it easy to use this app. Just choose which item type to add and fill in the details.

This app from developer Vishal Gupta is portable, and it weighs in at a puny 1MB, so it won't be any problem to download it and throw it either onto a USB stick or into your Dropbox folder. Open the .exe file and you will be presented with four options: Program, Folder, Web Address and "Any Type Of File."  Choose the one you want to add to the right-click menu and the app will change options accordingly.

Web addresses are the easiest of the bunch.  Simply type in the URL, indicate whether or not you want the favicon (website icon) to be downloaded too, and you are given the option to customize the text on the right-click menu.  For example, you could type in "PCW" for, or refer to Gmail as simply "email". When everything looks good, click "add only to desktop context menu" or "add to desktop context menu and to Folders Context Menu" if you prefer that option.  Now go to your desktop and right-click. You should see your new entry. Try it out.

Programs, folders and files follow the same pattern. Just navigate to their location on your Windows PC, insert a logo to go next to it (if you want one), customize the text for the menu and click "add."  Again, go to the desktop, right-click and see if the links work.

If all goes well, your new entry will appear in the right-click menu.

Right-Click Context Menu Adder gives you the opportunity to remove any of these links at any time, so don't worry, nothing is forever. Any change the app makes to the Windows registry is non-fatal and easily reversible.

It's nice little free apps like Right-Click Context Menu Adder that make Windows even more useful to the frequent Windows computer user. Never again spend ages going through a lengthy rigmarole finding the same folders and files. Simply right-click, choose and click. Rinse and repeat.

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At a Glance
  • You probably frequent the same files, folders, programs, and websites day in and day out. What if you could go there directly by simply right-clicking with your mouse?


    • Portable app, so no installation required
    • Saves you time by providing a faster path to your most used websites and folders.
    • Extremely easy to use


    • Website favicons don't always show up when selected
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