Edible iPhone 5 cases are probably tastier than they are useful

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You never know what to expect in the world of tech. One day, it's robots. The next, it's edible casings for the latest iPhone.

Available for the princely sum of 3,818 Yen (or about $48 at current exchange rates), a figure that apparently correlates to a mnemonic pertinent to the Japanese word for "survival," the Survival Senbei iPhone 5 case (site in Japanese) is the product of a somewhat imaginative, middle-aged Japanese senbei artisan named Mariko.

Individually hand-crafted by Mariko herself, only three of these Survival Senbei iPhone 5 cases are made each day. And, in case you were wondering if these culinary delights are any good at cushioning your iPhone 5 from the environment, the answer's a resounding no.

According to RocketNews24, Mariko has even outlined the likelihood of the case breaking in various situations. It appears as though there's a 9% chance it might shatter prior to arrival and a 120 percent chance it will be rendered completely useless should you drop it.

We're not sure how the case's creator figured there was a greater than 100 percent chance that the case would not survive a drop, but considering we're talking about an edible iPhone case, does logic even work here?

Anyway, it's food for thought…

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