Windows 8 deep dive: Get to know the Music app

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Tips and tricks

  • Selecting any song and bringing up the Options bar will give you the option to add it to a playlist; add it to your music collection; or buy the song. If the song is already part of your 'my music' collection, the option to delete it will also appear.
  • Remember to add all of your music and audio files to the Music folder in the file explorer. You won't be able to play anything outside the folder in Music, even if you create shortcuts.
  • To remove or rearrange songs in a playlist, click the tile for the playlist that you want to edit in the 'my music' section. Then select the song you want to adjust; you should see the 'Play' and 'Remove from playlist' options to the right. On the left you'll see up and down arrows; select the appropriate arrow to move the song in that direction in the playlist.
  • Snapping Music into a smaller window will show the music player with the title of the song and artist. It also allows the options to play previous, next, pause/play, show song list, and play Smart DJ for the current artist. When activating the Options bar in the smaller window, you can add the song to a playlist or add it to your music collection.
    Snap Music to a window to see the player while using other apps.
  • Use the Search function in the Charms bar to look for artists, songs, and albums. Once you've searched, you can filter out some of the options on the left hand side to specifically look for a song, album, etc.
  • If you don't feel like using up a portion of your screen for the music player but you do want to manage music playing, use the appropriate media functionality control keys (such as play/pause, next, previous, volume keys, mute/unmute), and a mini-player will show up at the top left of the screen. The media keys will control the music, but you'll be able to see exactly what's playing.
  • Using the media keys will bring up a small music player—for just a moment.

An alternative to Music

Not happy with the new Music app? The best alternative app differs for different people. If you want simple music management and playback features for local content, try the Windows Media Player desktop app that comes with Windows 8 (regrettably, it's not available in Windows RT). Or consider MusicBee, which offers powerful song tagging and management features, and pretty much everything Music leaves out. Best of all, MusicBee is free.

If you want a different streaming music service, look into alternatives such as Spotify, Rdio, Slacker Radio, and Pandora.

Check out MusicBee if you need a powerful music player.
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