Review: Twilight NewMoon font is a timeless beauty

At a Glance
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Whether you love or hate the books and movies that inspired this font, Twilight NewMoon is instantly recognizable. This font from Paolo Vannucci at Alphabet & Type, has an impromptu lean to the ascenders and descenders, together with the curlicues at the apex of the lowercase letters G, J, and Y, that defines this font's informality and youth. Yet the calligraphic look of all the letters betray Twilight NewMoon's decorous and ageless beginnings.

Twilight NewMoon includes both lower and upper case, plus numbers and all of the common punctuation. The curlicues in the descenders make Twilight NewMoon a little difficult to read at sizes smaller than 18 point, so use this for display purposes only. This TrueType outlines font is available free for personal and commercial use, and will have every teen in town howling at the moon (in a good way).

Note: The "Try it for free" button on the Product Information page will download the software to your system.

At a Glance
  • Watching the hours until the next Twilight movie's debut? Hiding in bright sunlight to avoid it? Either way, this beautiful and elegant homage font deserves a long life.


    • Beautiful and elegant


    • Becomes hard to read at smaller sizes
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