DIY Raspberry Pi-based gaming console looks kinda sweet

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Did somebody say "homebrew gaming console"? One complete with its very own DIY game engine? Eh-yeaaap.

Guillermo Amaral, a software engineer and a staunch open-source advocate, has always wanted to make a game console of his very own. Previously restricted by the mammoth costs associated with creating something like this, Guillermo is finally on his way toward making that childhood dream come true, thanks to the Raspberry Pi.

The delectably-named Marshmallow Entertainment System (or MES for short) looks like something pretty much anyone with a little technical know-how could create. According to Guillermo's website, the final build will feature a Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Pro-to-PC converter—so you can use your Wii Classic Controller Pro with the MES—and support for external USB storage. The guts will include a hand-crafted ATtiny85-based microcontroller to handle power distribution, along with a 5V@2A power supply.

And while Guillermo has a way to go before the Marshmallow Entertainment System is ready to play, it's already an impressive piece of hardware. Guillermo has already built up his own Linxu distro, and the MES has a boot time that makes my Asus G74s laptop weep in envy.

Being the awesome fellow that he is, Guillermo has all the hardware specifications and source code for this project up on his GitHub account. Sharing is caring, isn't it?

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