Autumn harvest fonts add a crisp, cool breeze to your text

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With Autumn in full swing, what better way to celebrate the cooler days and longer nights than with these free fonts. From falling leaves to pumpkins to pilgrim's hats, whatever your font-needs this season, these typefaces will fill your font cornucopia. You'll feel a wealth of abundance with this selection, because these are all free for personal use.

To find all these fonts in one place, see our "Autumn harvest fonts add a crisp, cool breeze to your text" collection.

Autumn Gifts

Do you remember those days of your youth when you'd get lost in the corn maze for hours, until your parents had to send in the farmer to look for you? If you do, Autumn Gifts—a TrueType Outlines font from West Winds Fonts—could be your new personal favorite. Each letter comprises corn and husks or oak leaves and acorns, stylishly drawn yet relaxed and fun. Autumn Gifts includes just upper case letters—lower case would be too complex to display well—-plus numbers and common punctuation.

Display font Autumn Gifts works autumn motifs into legible letters.

As a concept, the straight-lined letters work the best; the curved letters like the O and B seem a little forced, but there are exceptions: an oak leaf makes a comma and an acorn is the period.  Autumn Gifts is a solid display font that looks its best at 72 points and larger; any smaller than 24 point and the detail disappears. It's available free for both personal and commercial use, and is definitely one to have fun with if you are planning your own corn maze.

KR Harvest Dings

If you're looking for some traditional Thanksgiving icons, try this TrueType Outlines font from Kat's Fun Fonts. KR Harvest Dings includes 26 different images: a pilgrim ship, cockle hat, four different cornucopias, three different acorn and oak leaf combinations, three pumpkins, three turkeys (two alive, one cooked), and eleven other leaf and leaf pile dings.

Dingbat font KR Harvest Dings is a cornucopia of Thanksgiving art.

Most of the icons are drawn in similar chunky broadstrokes, but a few are very detailed. Many of the designs in KR Harvest Dings work only at sizes larger than 60 points, but a few (like the solid leaves) will work at any size. KR Harvest Dings is free for personal use only; commercial use is not allowed. But if these are icon's you need, KR Harvest Dings is a horn of plenty that keeps giving from the beginning of Fall, right through Thanksgiving.

JI Nature Bats

JI Nature Bats from Jeri Ingalls makes me want to run outside with a rake, just so I can jump in a pile of dry, crispy leaves. This TrueType outlines font includes silhouettes of twenty different leaves (and one seed pod), which—-although I'm no arborist—look very realistic. Each capital letter A through T is a different icon; the other letters, numbers, and punctuation display as a default sans serif font.

Elegantly arboreal dingbat font JI Nature Bats is seasonal without seeming dated.

If you want the full effect of the individual leaf, and all its detail, use this font no smaller than 24 point for most of the dings (some are finer and will lose their detail at even larger sizes). JI Nature Bats is free for personal use. For commercial use please contact Jeri Ingalls. For a rake to clean up the JI Nature Bats-inspired mess, I suggest a home improvement store.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time from Wino Sutarmin Kadir at Fun Record is borderline spooky, but there's no dripping blood involved. This TrueType outlines font looks hand-hewn, maybe by a resident scarecrow wielding a calligraphic pen for the first time, and (unless you look really closely) looks almost like intertwined sticks for the letters.

Display font Once Upon A Time uses moody brushstrokes, but no punctuation.

Once Upon A Time includes all upper and lower case letters, but unfortunately no punctuation or numbers at all. This rather limits its use: Even though Once Upon A Time could easily be used for display or even text purposes, unless you are very creative with your copy you'll probably only be able to use for poster statements (no exclamations, mind you). Once Upon A Time is available free for personal use. For commercial use, please contact Wino (pronounced We Know) for license details.

Twilight NewMoon

Whether you love or hate the books and movies that inspired this font, Twilight NewMoon from Paolo Vannucci at Alphabet & Type, is instantly recognizable. The impromptu lean to the ascenders and descenders, together with the curlicues at the apex of the lowercase letters G, J, and Y defines this font's informality and youth. Yet the calligraphic look of all the letters betray Twilight NewMoon's decorous (and ageless) beginnings, making it an excellent choice for playful but dignified placecards.

Legible and attractive, Twilight NewMoon is worthy of Thanksgiving placecards. To most, it's just a beautiful font. Those in the know can sparkle in secrecy.

Twilight NewMoon includes both lower and upper case, plus numbers and all of the common punctuation. The curlicues in the descenders make Twilight NewMoon a little difficult to read at sizes smaller than 18 point, so use this for display purposes only. This TrueType outlines font is available free for personal and commercial use; and will have every teen in town howling at the moon (in a good way).

Whether you need a font for a harvest festival, a pumpkin patch, or a family get-together, these fonts have you covered. And their price will keep you thankful right through the holiday season.

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