Microsoft Prices Kinect at $149.99, Announces New Xbox 360

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Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle

Confirming what we already knew, Microsoft just put its stamp and seal on a $149.99 price tag for its Kinect motion control add-on for the Xbox 360. (Not to be confused with the stamp and seal Microsoft Store already put on the peripheral last month, thus ensuring maximum press coverage, as a zillion news sites effectively double-dip.)

The company says Kinect will ship on November 4 as expected, and come with Kinect Adventures, a kind of party-play obstacle course game set in exotic locales.

The other not-a-surprise would be the Xbox 360 Arcade's replacement, an Xbox 360 slim with a matte (instead of glossy) finish and 4GB of internal flash memory that'll retail for $199.99 and launch August 3rd. And yes, since you're understandably wondering, it's otherwise identical to the $299.99 Xbox 360, including internal 802.11n WiFi. (I'm as surprised as you.)

If you want the latter as a Kinect Bundle, you can have it for just $299.99--4GB console, Kinect, free game and all.

What we got wrong? Retailers guessed Kinect games would be priced at $59.99, the going rate for a new Xbox 360 or PS3 title. They guessed $10 high. Microsoft confirmed Kinect launch titles like Dance Central, Kinectimals, Kinect Joy Ride, and Kinect Sports would all retail for $49.99. Dance Central's a third-party title, so there's hope that price is forward-looking, not just launch tweaked.

And finally, want a token to download "three exclusive game levels for Kinect Adventures," the game tucked in with Kinect? You'll have to make up your mind now, then, and preorder a bundle from your retailer of choice.

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