Windows Phone 8 reboots irk some users

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Smartphones made by Nokia and HTC and running Windows Phone 8 have been spontaneously rebooting and freezing for some users, according to complaints in several online forums.

Some users of the HTC 8X handset have reported anywhere from one to eight random reboots a day after purchasing their phones. The misbehavior appears to have disappeared for some users after they uninstalled an app on their phones for Facebook.

"Had no reboots today," wrote one member of the Windows Phone Central forum. "Then opened the FB app and half an hour later got a reboot."

At last count, 165 comments had been posted to the forum about the rebooting problem.

A forum member in Prague wrote that he experienced two random reboots after owning his HTC handset for only three days. "Quite annoying," he noted.

HTC was not immediately available for comment, but one of the forum members in contact with the company's support team wrote that he believed the team considered an urgent fix was in order.

At least one forum member reported that the rebooting problem wasn't limited to phones running Windows Phone 8. "I'm still on a WP7 handset and had a brutal number of reboots over the weekend," he wrote.

Similar complaints appeared on Microsoft's Windows Phone community forumwhere so far, there are 65 comments about the problem.

"It was fine for the first week, but is now rebooting several times a day," a forum member wrote of his HTC handset. "Every time so far (that I've noticed) has been when it's sitting on my desk doing nothing."

Another member noted the problem occurring after owning his HTC phone for just a few days. On one occasion, the phone rebooted three times in 20 minutes. "This is sloppy QA and I really hope things are fixed or it is going back," he wrote. "I really wanted to believe in Windows Phone this time but if this isn't fixed fast then I'll be back to Android."

Although rebooting problems have also been reported for the Nokia 920 Windows Phone 8 handset, the unit seems to have a bigger problem with random freezing. Currently on one Nokia support forum, there are 76 postings about the problem.

Some forum members have noted their phones freezing when using Bluetooth devices. One member attributed the problem to quality control.

"I got my 920 on launch day from ATT," the member explained.  "Within 10 minutes of leaving the store the phone locked up completely.  Had to do a hard reset."

"The whole night and part of the next day I had nothing but problems with freezes and locking up, apps not loading and other problems," he continued. "Brought it back to ATT and exchanged."

"The second phone also started freezing up and the start button wouldn't work half the time," he lamented. "Took the second phone back as well and exchanged for my third, which luckily I haven't had a single issue with yet."

Neither Nokia nor Microsoft were immediately available for comment for this report.

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