Three Reasons to Keep the iPhone 4, Three Reasons to Turn It In

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If you are one of the three million plus that have jumped on the iPhone 4 bandwagon only to find out it's missing a wheel and might be heading in a different direction than you wanted to go, it's crunch time if you want to make a switch. Let's explore a few reasons to stick with the coveted Apple smartphone, as well as some considerations for taking Steve Jobs up on his offer to refund your money in full.

1. It's Awesome. Issues aside, it is a great smartphone. The iPhone 4 provides a significantly better smartphone platform than what RIM has to offer with the BlackBerry, and much better tools and security features for IT admins to manage the device within a network infrastructure than what Android currently has to offer.

The iPhone 4 has been both the most successful Apple product launch, and its biggest launch failure at the same time.
The exponentially higher resolution of the Retina display, faster processor, more RAM, front-facing camera, and improved rear-facing camera are all good reasons to choose the iPhone 4--especially for customers that are already AT&T customers and don't have the freedom to choose smartphones like the EVO 4G, or the Droid X without paying an ETF.

2. Existing Investment. Businesses and consumers that have already joined the iPhone (or iPod Touch, or iPad) revolution have already invested time and money in the iPhone culture. Android Market is growing fast, but still has only a fraction of the apps available with Apple. Making a switch to a different platform would mean abandoning the investment in apps--and the time it took to get familiar with them and configure them--and finding and buying equivalent apps on a different smartphone platform.

3. It's not alone. Steve Jobs was eager to point out that the various issues being reported with the iPhone 4 affect only a small percentage of the three million users. That may be true, and it may be that the issues with the iPhone 4 seem larger than they are as a matter of the sheer volume of iPhone 4s that are out there.

The EVO 4G--the current top of the line Android smartphone at Sprint, and the Droid X--the recently launched top of the line Android smartphone at Verizon both have issues as well. No. I am not referring to the stupid sort of issues like Steve Jobs desperate attempt to demonstrate that the death grip is common among all smartphones. I mean real issues.

The EVO 4G is plagued with reports that the screen is coming loose and that it is losing responsiveness to touch--a severe handicap for a touchscreen device. Users that snapped up the Droid X are complaining that the display has bands, or flickering, or dead pixels, in some cases rendering the display useless--again a severe handicap for a touchscreen smartphone.

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