Tiny Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet is tiny, doesn't try to overcompensate

Jeroen Domburg

I don't want to be Captain Obvious, but this is all sorts of adorable. Jeroen Domburg of Spritemods.com recently came up with this pint-sized MAME cabinet. It's adorable, and it might be perfect for any fairies taking asylum in your home.

To give you an idea as to how small of an arcade cabinet we're talking about, everyone was kind of impressed by the diminutive 8-inch screen on the Picade mini. According to Hack a Day, Jeroen's MAME cabinet sports a 2.4-inch SPI-controlled TFT display.

Have I mentioned it's tiny? Because it really, really is.

Built with a Raspberry Pi as its spine, Jeroen first conceptualized the lilliputian device's design with the help of the drawing app Inkscape. He then made a small papercraft mockup of the his design to make sure everything fit together. Once he was satisfied with the first mockup, Jeroen then went to a fab lab and used a laser cutter to turn his design into a real thing.

If you have some electrical engineering know-how and feel comfortable with a laser cutter, you can find downloadable instructions for the whole build on the Spritemods website. And be sure to watch the video of the finished product. Watch it. Love it. Need it.

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