Want a Silver Xbox 360 Slim with Halo Reach?

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Xbox 360 silver

Just when you thought black was back, Microsoft's gone and announced a chrome-colored version of its new slimline Xbox 360, and this one's packing a copy of Halo: Reach.

Yes, Halo: Reach, Bungie's upcoming Halo swan song, a tour-de-cheap-and-expendable soldiers in which you'll, you know, shoot stuff, probably most of it gibbering in alien-ese.

The Halo: Reach Xbox 360 bundle will be available September 14, same day as the game launches, and--prepare to empty your bank accounts--set you back $400. I know, it's like we're living in 2007 all over again.

Except in 2010, $400 buys you a 250GB Xbox 360, Halo: Reach, two "limited-edition" wireless controllers (they're also silver and sport "Halo honeycomb" lines), a token for an in-game elite armor set, an episode of "Halo Legends," and a Halo-themed wired headset.

The silver-styled Xbox 360 apparently sports "custom sound effects from the Halo universe," too. I have no idea what that means. Maybe the system grunts like Master Chief when it's kicked?

Now that'd be something.

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