4 Ways to Get a White iPhone 4 Now

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Bad news for folks who've been holding out for a white iPhone 4: Apple has delayed the white version of its popular smartphone until later this year. The white iPhone 4 was first delayed until late July, and then promised for the end of the month by Apple chief executive Steve Jobs just a week ago, but now there's no ship date in sight.

What to do, then? The impatient have several options, though I'll admit none of them are ideal:

Get a White Bumper Case

As long as Apple's giving away free bumper cases with the iPhone 4, you could get a white one for a taste of what could have been. The case only hugs the sides of the phone, leaving plenty of black exposed, but it actually looks kind of cool.

Do Some Surgery

Here's a Chinese website where you can order white iPhone 4 face plates, and here's Engadget's tutorial on how to install it. With a little handiwork, you can do what Apple couldn't. Standard disclaimer applies: Tearing open the iPhone 4 will most certainly void your warranty, and there's a good chance of breaking something if you're mechanically clumsy.

Get a Different White Smartphone

In general, white phones are hard to come by, but you've got a couple options for iPhone 4 alternatives. T-Mobile's MyTouch 3G Slide comes in white by default, and there is a white HTC Evo 4G from Sprint, although that phone has its own supply issues. If you absolutely must have a white iPhone, AT&T offers a refurbished iPhone 3GS in that color.

Obey Apple

I'm amused at how Apple repeatedly refers to the black iPhone 4 as "the more popular" model, when the white version has never been available, even for pre-orders. I see it as a subtle suggestion: The white iPhone 4 is for losers anyway. Just get in line with the rest of the herd and stop trying to think different.

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