This Week in GeekTech: Lego Geekery, Old Apple Software, and Fun With Android

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After last week's iPhone brouhaha and controversy, it's nice to be able to take a step back and explore some of the more nerdy stories making news. Here are some of our favorites from this past week. Enjoy.

Our Favorite Geeky Lego Creations

Geeks love Lego bricks, and we at GeekTech are no exception. We love them not just because of the cool sets on the market, but also the limitless ingenuity of Lego builders. Chris Brandrick examined some of our favorite Lego creations, and then looked at a Rubick's Cube-solving Lego contraption with an Android brain.

Original Mac Software Source Code Now Available for Download

The source code for MacPaint, one of the apps that shipped with the original Macintosh in 1984, is now available for your perusal from the Computer History Museum with Apple's blessing. Next time you fire up a painting app, consider this: MacPaint's source code is all of 68KB. Read on...

The State of the Android Ecosystem

One of the perceived advantages of the iPhone over Android is the fact that all current iPhones run the same software, whereas the version of Android that ships with various Android phones varies. Resident Android geek Chris Head looks at where things stand in Android Land, and whether this fragmentation is actually hurting Android. Read on...

Android Figurine Helps You Prove You’re a Geek With an Artsy Side

Speaking of Android, how cool is this? One company sells a $6 figurine modeled after the Android mascot! This unpainted vinyl figurine is ready for you to customize it any way you wish. It might just be the perfect gift for the fandroid in your life. Read on!

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