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Is it possible to successfully combine the dubstep beats of Skrillex with the old-school gameplay of Legend of Zelda? You'll find out this week as Carlos and Jason are joined by Amber Bouman and Alex Cocilova to talk about the latest movies, music, and games to squeeze their way down the intertubes and onto our screens. Dubstep: it isn't just for car commercials anymore. You'll also learn about a great new iOS game that will have you shouting at your friends, a couple of good independent films to watch, and a couple great BBC TV shows to catch up on.

Links from this week's episode:

  • If you like Skrillex (and maybe even if you don't), and you like old games, check out Skrillex Quest.
  • if you have an iPhone or iPad, and at least one other friend, you need to try out Spaceteam. Yell at your friends! Flip switches and push buttons!
  • If you like Sherlock as much as we do, you should also watch Dirk Gently. You know, that guy from the Douglas Adams books. Also good? The CBS series Elementary.
  • After a tragic attack, a man tells stories with photographs of dolls and miniatures. Marwencol is as weird as it seems, and worth watching.
  • George Cloony is great in The Descendants.
  • GameCenterCX. Because why wouldn't you want to watch a funny Japanese man try to beat old video games?
  • The Double Fine Amnesida Fortnight bundle is going to let us pick the next game made by Double Fine. Also a geat deal right now: the Humble Bundle (currently THQ games).
  • If you like nighttime soaps, you'll like Sarah Michelle Gellar as murderous twins in Ringer.
  • If you're an asipring guitar player, Soundslice lines up guitar tabs with youtube instructional videos.
  • Natural Selection 2 is aliens vs. marines, and it's an amazing asynchronous team game.

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