StarCraft II: Unboxing the Collector's Edition

Drooling over the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition? Check out the extras.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition

We've just received our Collector's Edition copy of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, and we thought we'd snap a few shots of the neat extras that you get for the additional $40. If you're having a hard time figuring out whether you should buy the Collector's Edition, just click through this slideshow--if you say "Wow" or catch yourself drooling, you might want to plunk down the extra cash.

Here is StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in a pristine, unopened state.

It's About Time...

Pulling off the top of the box, which is designed to look like the door of a Terran spaceship. You can't see it, but my hands are quivering in anticipation.

StarCraft II Exposed

Removing the lid reveals all the goodies neatly lined up in the box.

Looks Like Christmas

Clockwise from the left: Issue #0 of the StarCraft comic book series, the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Game DVD, "Behind the Scenes of StarCraft II" (booklet), The Art of StarCraft II (book), the soundtrack CD, Jim Raynor's dog tags (which are actually a USB drive containing the original StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War), and four guest passes--two for World of WarCraft and two for StarCraft II.

A Closer Look at the Art Book

Concept art shots from The Art of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. On the left is some kind of Protoss warrior; on the right is a Dark Templar. Drool.

Infested Kerrigan Exposed

Front and profile shots of (Infested) Sarah Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades.

Carrier Has Arrived

The Protoss Carrier in all its glory.

StarCraft Comic, Issue #0

A page from the included StarCraft II comic book, which tells the story of a special Marine unit called the War Pigs; they appear to be playable in the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign mode.

Wearing the Dog Tags

Jim Raynor's dog tags now adorn the chest of PCWorld Staff Editor Nate Ralph. As luck would have it, the dog tags complement the t-shirt quite nicely.

That's all for the unboxing. If you're fiending for more StarCraft 2 coverage, check out "How to Dominate StarCraft II" and "10 Things to Do While Waiting for StarCraft II."

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