Work every angle: 10 flexible tablet stands

Don’t treat yourself like a human tripod. Free your hands and get more done with the help of these versatile stands to hold your tablet high.

Stand and deliver

Tablets are easy to carry around, but your hands need a break from holding them. Resting your mitts keeps you productive for a longer stretch and prevents repetitive stress injuries. Making a tablet stand on its own is a necessity for running a videoconference, or for deploying your tablet as a second screen next to your desktop or laptop. These unique tablet stands do the heavy lifting and free you to focus on serious work, whether you’re at the office, on a plane, or even in bed.

Octa TabletTail

The two-part Octa TabletTail features a suction-powered vacuum dock and a flexible, whale-tail-shaped stand. Use the dock alone to get a grip on your otherwise slippery tablet, or you pair the dock with the stand to prop up your tablet in a number of ways. The company also plans to release new tails in the future, all of which will be compatible with the dock.

Price: $49.99, Octa
Works with: All tablets

Griffin Loop

Griffin’s Loop weighted stand is versatile: Place your tablet upright for viewing or laid back for surfing and typing, in portrait or landscape mode. (It looks a lot like the little stands that Apple uses to in its Apple Stores to display iPads.) Thoughtful design lets you plug your charging cable into your tablet while it’s standing in the Loop.

Price: $29.99, Griffin
Works with: All tablets

Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South’s stylish BookArc for iPad features both “work” and “storage” modes. The work mode lets you view your tablet at an angle, while the storage mode holds your tablet upright for easy web conferencing, video viewing, or marathon reading. The BookArc is made of heavy gauge steel and has a removable silicone insert, so your tablet can fit even if it’s already outfitted with a case.

Price: $29.99, Twelve South
Works with: All iPads, iPad Mini

Twelve South Compass stand

This sleek portable stand gets its name from the navigational instrument. Twelve South's Compass tablet stand tilts back like an easel, so you can easily view your tablet in either landscape or portrait mode. The main leg has a built-in mini leg, so you can also use the stand in a reclined position for typing or working (instead of just viewing) on your tablet. This stand, which is made of steel and silicone, is designed for iPads but works with just about any tablet out there.

Price: $39.99, Twelve South
Works with: All tablets

Prop ‘n Go Slim

The Prop ‘n Go Slim hybrid lap desk for tablets is convenient, because it functions as both a tablet stand and a lap desk. This stand features an anti-slip surface to keep devices put, and a bottom made of memory foam. You can place your tablet in landscape or portrait mode, and adjust the stand 14 different ways, between 9 degrees and 75 degrees.

Price: $34.95, Amazon
Works with: All tablets


The PadFoot is strikingly simple and portable: the small textured polyamide “foot” attaches to the corner of your iPad. Stand up your tablet in either portrait or landscape mode. It comes in multiple colors, including white, black, coral red, hot pink, royal blue, violet purple, and silver.

Price: $19.50, Shapeways
Works with: iPad 2, iPad 3

Arkon portable fold-up stand

The Arkon fold-up stand targets users on the go. It’s lightweight and folds up easily for storage, and unfolds to secure your tablet in a number of positions, including landscape and portrait mode. The Arkon portable fold-up stand has non-skid material on its base to ensure it doesn’t slip when you’re using your tablet.

Price: $10.68, Amazon
Works with: All tablets

Belkin FlipBlade

The Belkin FlipBlade is slightly larger than the Arkon portable fold-up stand, but it’s also a little sturdier. This flip-out stand works with multiple tablets in both landscape and portrait mode.

Price: $19.95, Amazon
Works with: All tablets

Breffo Spiderpodium

Breffo’s Spiderpodium universal tablet stand offers a seemingly endless number of modes. Folded flat, it resembles a spider on eight flexible, rubbery legs. To place your tablet in the stand, you wrap at least four of the legs around the edges of the device, and then prop it up with the remaining four. You can wrap the remaining legs around handlebars, car seats, and cabinet handles, as well, and you can even use the Spiderpodium to hold non-tech devices, such as camping lanterns.

Price: $34.99, Breffo
Works with: All tablets


This funky two-piece aluminum stand is composed of two pieces of lightweight aluminum that fit together yet can be taken apart to be stored flat. The stand lets you use your tablet in both portrait and landscape mode, and it comes in 11 different colors, including purple, pink, red, orange, green, blue, black, and yellow.

Price: $29.95, Hub
Works with: All tablets

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