No, jet fuel won't make your car fly (and other things you missed)

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No, this photo has nothing to do with the headline. Read on and it'll make more sense.

It's Monday and we aren't feeling very creative. So let's skip the formalities and attempts at clever wit: Here's your GeekBytes for December 10, 2012.

3D Printed skull case is eerie but impressive [3DCase]

Want an iPhone case to make your friends either really curious or jealous? Check out the art-inspired 3D Printed Skull case from 3DCase. This case comes in two different styles—one with a realistic skull design, the other is more abstract—both of which are inspired by artist Hugo Archer and his Degeneration series. Both come in the color of your choice, but choosing pink won’t make it less eerie. [via Gizmodo]

Have the cutest Android charging station ever [ShopAndroid]

Charging stations for gadgets aren't usually the most unique looking things...unless you have the Andru 1A USB Charger, anyway. This little mascot will happily give your Micro USB gadgets some juice and will elicit responses ranging from "WANT" to "whatever man, I use an iPhone." Pick one up in green, white, or black for $25. [via Android Central]

What happens if you put jet fuel in a car? [CBS]

When someone mistakenly fills up a gas station's tanks with jet fuel instead of your normal choice of gas, these are the sorts of questions you have to ask (along with, how do you mix up jet fuel and gasoline in the first place?).

Sadly, jet fuel won’t speed it up or make it fly. If fact, all that happens is that your car breaks down, as it can’t combust the fuel. You car won’t burst into flames, either, but it'll be off the road while its poor engine (and in this case, the gas tanks at the station!) gets cleaned out. Don’t do it. [via Gizmodo]

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