Amazon Gamers Slam StarCraft II in User Reviews

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Amazon StarCraft II Reviews

Guaranteeing an internet dust-up, Amazon StarCraft II buyers (or users posing as such) have posted a litany of complains about Blizzard's just released PC real-time strategy sequel to 1998's StarCraft.

The current Amazon rating with 46 customer reviews is around 2.5 stars out of 5, a mediocre grading at best (the collector's edition fares better, with just three reviews, at 4.5 stars of 5).

To be fair, most of the 26 one-star ratings currently dragging the game down come from users upset about the game's absent LAN play. In May, Blizzard admitted LAN play was out, but claimed it was to ensure a "united community" via its matchmaking servers--not, as many assumed, to thwart pirates.

"I want to have control over my game," wrote one one-star grumbler. "That means I want to play online how I want to play."

"I want to play SC2 on my laptop when I'm on a road trip with no Internet. [Note: This is actually possible, via the game's offline mode.] I want to bring said laptop or a LAN machine with the game with a buddy's house and play on LAN. Anyone who paid for this game should demand this."

"Forcing people to be on Battlenet to play = massive fail," wrote another one-star reviewer. "Shame on you, Blizzard."

"How dare you tell your paying customer how they can and cannot play? They paid for a copy of your product, and it turns out that they NEVER actually own it. Terrible."

A few were miffed about the game's singular campaign. While the original StarCraft had three--Terran, Zerg, and Protoss--StarCraft II ships with only the Terran campaign. Two expansion are planned, covering the Zerg and Protoss campaigns respectively.

After expressing disappointment about the lack of LAN play, one reviewer added "To make matters worse, you only get the terran campaign...if you want the zerg and protoss campaign, you have to dish out another $120.00 (plus tax)!"

"Greed has ruined Blizzard," the user opines, calling for players to "pass on World of Starcraft."

It's not all bad news for Blizzard's latest. Another 16 users give the game 4-5 stars out of 5, and generally praise it for its graphical polish, audio cues, multiplayer potential, and enhanced single-player story.

"I for one, am really loving this game," wrote a five-star reviewer. "In regards to many peoples complaints about the game, these where things that Blizzard announced long before release date. If LA[N] parties were the only reason you were buying the game, you really needed to do your homework..."

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