Video: Charting the rise of robots in 2012

The first law of robotics may state that robots can’t harm humans. But if 2012 was any guide, the second law of robotics mandates that all robots must dance.

\We have quite a few robots come out this year and we decided to take a look back at some of the ones that stood out. From the helpful to the hilarious, we've seen our fair share of robotic creations. The DARPA robot was 'cow-like' yet helpful, the bear robots has a nose for spying on people, and Disney's humanoid robot was great at playing catch—but not so good at picking up missed catches.

And of course, there were also a lot of dancing robots this year, like mRobo and Disco-bot from Tosy Robotics. If you liked your robots to have rhythm this was the year for you.

Here are some links to the robots manufacturers mentioned in our report:

While robots will always remain slightly scary to me, I am continually fascinated by all of these robotic advancements. 2012 will go down in history as another push forward to an inevitable robot filled future.

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