The Dark Knights Lego (and other stuff you missed)

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It’s the sixth night of Hanukkah and you know what that means: another installment of GeekBytes! L’chaim! Today we focus on space as the Earth nears its completion of another successful revolution around the Sun. Also, someone recreated The Dark Knight Rises trailer in Lego.

Check your local listings for tonight’s meteor shower [BoingBoing]

Everybody loves a meteor shower, especially the ones that don’t smash into Earth! And the Geminids meteor shower is expected to be quite a show. Astronomers predict that anywhere from 50 to 80 meteors will fly through our field of view every hour from 9:00pm – 4:30am. That means a meteor a minute, so even if you don’t feel like standing out in the cold for long, you should be able to catch a few glimpses before freezing to death.

If you’d rather stay inside, Boing Boing has an interior alternative for watching the shower: NASA’s Ustream channel. Now you have no excuse for missing the year’s most reliable meteor shower!

Hubble gazes into the past [HubbleSite]

The Hubble Space Telescope has a list of accomplishments a mile long, but it recently added another to the list. Researchers recently used the telescope to peer into the past and discovered a cluster of galaxies as they would've appeared 350-600 million years after the Big Bang. The researchers aimed the telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 at a the Hubble Ultra Deep Field for a six-week period earlier this year, which resulted in these new findings.

According to the Hubble’s website, one of the new major goals of the project is to determine the rate of expansion of the increasing number of galaxies in the universe. At this rate, such estimation may actually be plausible. [via Popular Science]

I am Gotham’s brickening [YouTube]

Someone has gone to painstaking lengths to recreate every single scene from the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises in Lego. While our endorsement is unnecessary, I would like to apply the GeekTech stamp of approval to ParanickFilmz creation.

Come for Lego Gotham, stay for Commissioner Gordon’s mustache. It’s magnificent.

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