Review: Add life to Facebook fan and business pages with Heyo Social

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Your small business or fan Facebook page is probably fine just the way it is. But it could be a whole lot better. That's the idea behind Heyo Social, a nifty Web-based tool that allows you to add a whole lot of content to your Facebook fan or small business pages.

Until recently, Heyo was known as Lujure, and offered a Web-based tool strictly focused on Facebook fan pages. With the name change the company has an expanded focus: Heyo now offers tools to create mobile apps and social Web sites, too. Each of its functions is offered a la carte, or you can package several options together to save more. In this review, we focused on the Heyo Social Facebook service, which starts at $3 per month for a single tab.

To use Heyo Social to add content to your Facebook fan page, you simply sign in with Facebook. It will find any pages you manage, and within a few minutes you're ready to begin adding content. You do this by creating entirely new pages that are linked to your Facebook fan page through its tabs—those small squares that sit under the cover photo, showing photos and how many likes your page has.

Heyo Social makes it easy to add images and other content to Facebook fan pages.

If you're intimidated by the prospect of designing an entire page from scratch, Heyo offers several templates to get you started. You can apply a template to your page with a single click through the neatly organized and intuitive editor. Templates are available for many of the uses that businesses would likely have for Facebook, including selling products, offering discounts and deals, and more. Heyo Social also offers a series of widgets that you can add to your Facebook page, for things such as adding email links and inserting Google maps. All of these are very easy to use, allowing you to insert slick, professional-looking elements into your pages with ease.

The templates offer an easy way to fill your tabs with content, and are helpful when you're getting started. But I quickly found them limiting, as you can't change all of the aspects of the template. Some aspects such as the background design, are fixed. You can start from scratch with a blank tab, which is a bit more time consuming, but gives you more control over the end result. On the left side of your Heyo Social page, you'll see a dock that offers access to most of the tools you need to create the tab, including options for adding text, HTML, images, changing colors and more. The tools are easy enough to access, but I often found them finicky. The text editor refused to allow me to change text color when I was using Internet Explorer; switching to Firefox solved that problem, but even in that browser, I still found it more difficult than necessary to make quick fixes like as changing a font size.

Heyo Social is an easy-to-use way to create polished tabs for your Facebook fan pages, but the service suffers from one major flaw: It doesn't allow you to save or preview your work before you publish it. I created an entire page using Internet Explorer, but when Heyo Social wouldn't allow me to change the font color, I wasn't able to save it to open it in another browser. That meant I had to redo all of my work. Even without this font color issue, Heyo Social needs a save and preview function. You may be pulled away from your work for any number of reasons, and when you are, you need a way to save what you're working on and come back to it later. Once you publish your content (which is when you pay for it), you can easily go back in and make changes. But if you want to add more tabs, you'll have to pay first: Heyo doesn't let you start drafting a second page before you've paid for the first one.

I can deal with Heyo's sometimes finicky tools, and I don't hold it against them that not everything works all of the time in Internet Explorer. But I really do wish that Heyo Social offered a save and preview feature. It's a major oversight in an otherwise excellent tool for those looking to expand their Facebook presence.

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At a Glance
  • Heyo offers an inexpensive and (mostly) easy way to add tabs to your Facebook fan pages.


    • Cheap
    • Delivers professional-looking results


    • No save and preview feature
    • Finicky tools
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