10 weird gifts for geeks

What do you get the geek that has it all? Here are 11 gadget ideas to surprise the unsuspecting geek in your life.

Because practical gifts are overrated...

What do you get the geek that has it all? If they have the best computers, tablet, smartphone, or even all the things from our Gifts for Geeks feature, it’s time to go for something unique. And by unique, we mean weird and wacky. Here are 11 gadget ideas to surprise the unsuspecting geek in your life.

And no, you can't have this robot. It's ours!

Grass Charging Station

If you're shopping for a gadget lover who has random electronic contraptions littering the house, charging station for multiple items is probably a sensible call. But don’t just buy any old dock: Get one that's covered in grass!

The Kikkerland OR08-W Grass Charging Station ($18) contains your cable mess, but you have to bring your own cables. This makes it more of a novelty item than anything, but if you're looking for something practical, you're reading the wrong story.

Tin Can Robot Kit

Here’s a great way to use waste from a party and promote recycling. Take one soda or beer can, adorn it in motors, gears, and decorative features, then add a battery. Voila! You have your very own Tin Can Robot.

This gift, which costs $9, is pretty out there as far as presents go, but has to be better than socks, right? At the very least, it makes a funny gift for a geek who already uses “real” circuit board kits like Arduino, or perhaps a geek-in-the-making child who can’t quite be trusted with a soldering iron just yet.

USB Squirming Tentacle

Give the geek in your life the creeps with Think Geek’s USB Squirming Tentacle. In fact, buy eight of them so they can stick them into every USB port possible and make their computer into a digital Cthulhu. Unfortunately, all these actually do is look weird, because they don't store any data—they just...squirm.

LED Wallet Light

Strange as it may seem at first, the LED Wallet Light ($12) could be kind of useful. Maybe. Thispocket-sized light is about the size of a credit card and it folds flat, so it's it easy to slip into a wallet or purse.

Cat ears for humans

Let the geek you know embrace their inner feline with some moving cat ears ($100). Simply put the ears on your head, and they will apparently wiggle depending on your brain waves. There are four different moods these ears can express, so at least you’ll know if the gift was a success.

Blank Keyboard

Do you know someone who is particularly proud of their touch-typing ability? Put them to the test and get them a completely blank keyboard!

The Model S Ultimate Keyboard ($129) features an extra-long USB cable, N-key rollover, a USB hub, and gold-plated key switches, but its keys have no lettering on them at all. I'd love to see the look on someone’s face as they receive this.

Tetris Lamp

Normal lamps are pretty overrated. At least, they are if you own something like this Tetris Lamp ($40). Not only is it shaped like Tetris blocks, you actually have to stack the pieces for it to light up. If this doesn’t light up the face of your favorite geek, nothing will.

Silk Bacon Scarf

Bacon is the food choice of the Internet. Give your geek the gift of bacon with an astonishingly lifelike silk bacon scarf ($170). After all, who wouldn't want to be draped in delicious bacon on a windy day?

Motorized Stroller

Here's one for parents with a geeky side: Xandon Froggett of Daddio Robotics sells special kits that let you build a stroller that steers itself. The stroller kits come with open-source software, wheelchair motors, and a Kinect sensor that turns an existing stroller into an automated one.

And since the software is open source, you can tweak the code all you want. Want to be able to control your stroller with an iPhone? You can do that. It's not cheap, though, costing between $2500 and $3500, so make sure your gift recipient has some programming knowledge first.

Crafting With Cat Hair

None of these gifts weird enough for you? Ok, then here is weird. Let your geeky friend weave from the hairs of their household Lolcat with the Crafting With Cat Hair book ($10). Yes, this is a real thing. A whole 95 pages of ideas and tips to make things out of a chaedding cat’s fur. Perhaps not the best gift if they have a hairless kitty however.

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