Edible candy Mars rover touches down at Caltech, causes sugar shock

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Brian Bell/courtesy California Institute of Technology, via NPR
Gingerbread Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover at Caltech.

Wondering what gingerbread tastes like on Mars? Here’s a candy version of the Curiosity rover (currently wheeling about on Mars) causing sugar shock near Los Angeles, as well some other favorite nerdy gingerbread creations.

Gingerbread Curiosity Lands at Caltech

If you’re looking for inspiration for a gingerbread construction project, look no further than the creation of Kevin Isacsson, head chef of the Athaneum, Caltech’s private dining club: a gingerbread Mars rover Curiosity.

Kevin’s rendition of the six-wheeled robot currently exploring Mars has M&Ms, gumdrops, licorice, chocolate coins, and of course, candy canes instead of cameras and a plutonium-powered laser. Over the course of ten days, Kevin studied a model of the rover on loan from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (managed by Caltech) to make Caltech’s candy Curiosity.

For Kevin’s first foray into gingerbread structures scientific, we at TechHive are duly impressed. No word yet from either Sarcastic Rover or the official Curiosity account on how the six-wheeled spacecraft feels about the potential for being eaten.

Candy Cassini: modeling spacecraft out of edible components

Cassini Holidays—Gingerbread Dream House on Enceladus.

As for building your own spacecraft of sweets, you can grab instructions for building your version of Cassini/Huygens: The real spacecraft may be in orbit around Saturn, but you can bring the wonder (and taste?) of exploring the sixth planet to your kitchen. Pick up a few ingredients available at your grocery store and check out these instructions (PDF). Did you know that, “Major portions of a spacecraft can be easily modeled using edible components”? Cassini even offered its seasonal greetings a few years ago with a “dream gingerbread house” on one of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus.

The Doctor is in... gingerbread

TARDIS gingerbread house: Is it larger inside than out?

In the rest of the universe of nerdy gingerbread houses, we’re big fans of this Dr. Who TARDIS gingerbread house by Craftster user schultebunny, along with entries from Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Star Wars. The Companion Cube is quite delightful.

You can’t catch me, I’m the Ninjabread Man!

Fred & Friends
Ninjabread men: So stealthy, they’ll disappear like... ninja.

My favorite thing to do with gingerbread is to bake and decorate Ninjabread Men with these ninja cookie cutters. As Fred & Friends say, “they’re cut out for action”!

What’s your favorite geeky gingerbread house or candy creation? Drop us a line or a link in the comments section.

Note: While Alessondra is a planetary scientist, she speaks for herself and not on behalf of her employer nor NASA.

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