Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles: Coming Soon

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Similar in principle to induction-charging devices for phones (for example, the “Touchstone” accessory for the Palm Pre), Evatran is developing a solution to charge your electric car without the need to plug it in. The Evatran “Plugless Power” system works by fitting an adapter to the car, and mounting an induction-charging plate in the garage.

Simply park the car near (very near, apparently within a few inches) of the plate, and power will flow via electromagnetic induction from the plate to the adapter, and into the car’s batteries.

The system is as-of-yet unreleased, but Evatran claims efficiency of up to 80%, with a target of 90% at launch. Evatran will be conducting (ha!) a pilot program, so if you’re a plug-in electric vehicle owner, and interested in the possibility of wirelessly charging your ride, head on over to their site and sign up! Or, if you’re not an early-adopter type, the final version should be available in early 2011.

[via Gizmodo and Evatran]

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