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I purchased the RegWork Windows Registry cleaner online but lost my Internet connection before I could download it. The only way to get the download was to pay another $30. I registered a complaint with PayPal and was told that I would get a refund, but the PayPal withdrawal from my checking account showed up on my bank statement, and the re­­fund never did. When I e-mailed RegWork, the company said that it had issued a refund more than two months prior. Can you help?

Ron Morgan, North Olmsted, Ohio

OYS responds: A RegWork representative told us that the company had reversed Morgan's charge. To follow up, the rep then asked ClickBank, RegWork's payment processor, to investigate. The ClickBank investigator subsequently confirmed that the refund had been issued.

When we asked Morgan for copies of any correspondence he'd had with Pay­Pal, he couldn't find any, so he checked his PayPal account--and discovered a $30 credit there. PayPal hadn't sent the money to Morgan's checking account. According to the PayPal site, refunds are credited to a customer's credit card if the person used a credit card for the original payment. However, if the customer used another funding source, as Morgan did, the credit goes to the person's PayPal balance--not to the funding source.

If you're waiting for a refund and the vendor says that you should already have received it, try to think of other places where the funds might have landed--and check there. Also, if you're considering using PayPal to purchase a product online, make sure that you review its dispute and refund policies in advance.

Discouraging Delays

Brian Klapchar of Garner, North Carolina, contacted us when he couldn't get a definitive answer regarding a graphics problem with his fairly new HP Pavilion Elite HPE-110t desktop PC. Over a three-month period, various HP tech support reps told him that his case had been escalated. Each time, the rep would assure Klapchar that he would be hearing from someone soon. He didn't.

After we talked to Hewlett-Packard, a case manager contacted Klapchar and started working to resolve the problem. The case manager directed him to a couple of Websites to run virus scans. One of the new scans discovered an infection, which Klapchar removed, and the graphics problem hasn't reappeared.

If you believe that a company is giving you the runaround, call customer service and ask to speak to a supervisor. Because tech support reps are expected to complete calls quickly (without hanging up on customers), your tenacity will push them to find the answer to your question.

Comarco Power Adapter Recall Notification

Comarco, acting in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, recalled about 507,000 Targus Universal Wall Power Adapters for Laptops (only certain models of the adapters are affected; for details, visit the CPSC's recall page for the adapter). Faulty wiring can cause the connector tips to heat, posing a burn hazard. Consumers should immediately stop using these adapters and contact Comarco to receive a free refurbished replacement. For more information, call Comarco toll-free at 877/781-5186.

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