Must-have Android tablet accessories

These Android tablet gadgets are size-agnostic, and provide the perfect complement for your tablet.


Looking for a stocking stuffer for a tablet-toting friend? Or do you want to bring your rectangular BFF some holiday joy with a gift to show how much you appreciate their digital love?

Either way, here are our picks for the best gifts for the Android tablet (or tablet user) in your life, ranging from portable batteries to screen cleaners via Bluetooth keyboards and one-handed holders.

TabletClaw Tablet Holder

Tablets are not designed to be held with one hand, but if you want to use them standing up, you don't get a choice in the matter. With a tablet, you need one hand to hold, and one to type with.

The $50 TabletClaw allows you to get a firm one-handed grip, leaving the other to type on the screen, shake a hand or lift a glass of eggnog as you celebrate your new-found freedom.

Spudz Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Few things are worse than a grubby tablet screen. The $10 Spudz microfiber cleaning cloth clips onto a keyring, so it will always be handy.

Better still: The Spudz lives inside its own soft-sided carry case. It's designed to clean camera lenses, so you can be sure that it won't scratch or mark your precious screen.

Kingston Wi Drive Wireless Storage

Once you start loading your tablet up with movies, music and apps, you'll be left wondering where all your storage space went. Add more portable storage space with a Kingston Wi Drive, which combines a fast SSD drive with a Wi-Fi adapter.

Using an app, you can easily connect and copy files between the drive and your tablet, and share it with up to 3 people. Priced at $50 for 32GB (or $90 for 64GB), it's cheaper than buying a new tablet.

Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth Headset

Tablets are great for making video calls, but their built-in microphones are usually awful. Adding a Bluetooth headset improves the quality for both ends of the call, and the $150 Jabra Supreme UC includes a USB dongle, so it can be used with both your tablet and PC.

This headset can also connect to tablet and PC at the same time. This makes the Jabras Supreme UC convenient if you’re using your tablet as a second screen; you can just take your calls on the headset wherever they come from.

Zagg ZAGGkeys Flex Keyboard

If you do a lot of writing, the on-screen keyboard of your tablet won't cut it. Look for a Bluetooth keyboard, and one that brings something extra to the table.

The $70 Zagg ZAGGkeys FLEX, a tough little keyboard which includes a case that transforms into a stand for the tablet. That's one less thing to carry on the road when you are trying to travel light, but get things done.

ZAGGSparq 3100 Portable Battery

Zagg makes this list twice, simply because of how convenient this particular portable battery is. However big the battery on your tablet is, it can never be big enough.

The $50 ZAGGSparq 3100 offers flexible charging for devices through dual USB ports that deliver 2.1 amps of power.

The unusual hook that makes this so useful? Cable-free recharging: This battery simply plugs straight into the wall socket to charge.

Sonr Labs Speaker Dock

If you want to play some tunes and charge your tablet at the same time, the $80 Sonr Labs speaker dock can handle both tasks.

This dock comes with USB and 3.5mm audio connectors, so it will be able to blast tunes over its 10 watt speaker from any tablet, and the remote control allows you to skip to the next tune from across the room.

And all while your tablet sucks down the sweet, sweet electricity it craves.

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

Your tablet may be packed with awesome tunes, but the built-in speakers have less bass than a tenor that has been huffing helium. This can be remedied with the addition of a $150 Aliph Jawbone Jambox.

This rectangular Bluetooth speaker is small enough to take with you, but also has outputs booming sound and can double as a speakerphone. It's available in nine colors and 13 styles and colors of grills.

Just Mobile Alupen

If you miss the feel of a pen in the hand when using your tablet, treat yourself to a $25 Just Mobile Alupen. Stylus input can be handy for everything from sketching to signing documents.

This chunky, but comfortable capacitive stylus fits right in the hand like the big pencils you used as a kid, but without leaving marks on the wall that get you in trouble. Available in eight colors.

Twelve South Compass Portable Stand

Every tablet deserves to be displayed like the work of art it is. The $40 Twelve South Compass stand treats it gently, allowing it to sit comfortably in portrait or landscape orientation, horizontal or vertical, tilted a few degrees for comfortable typing.

When not in use, the stand folds up into the included travel case. It's a touch of class for your tablet, as long as you don't tell it that the stand was designed for the iPad.

Twelve South told us that it should work perfectly with all tablets up to 0.55 inch thick, which covers most players out there today.

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