DIY AR eye patch gives you Borg-like senses, permanent installation not required

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Gregory McRoberts

As far as I know, eye patches are cool because only cool people like Nick Fury andSaul Tigh wear them. Now a DIYer named Gregory McRoberts has brought the eye patch into the augmented reality present by turning it into a Borg-like attachment that you can use to gain even more visual senses.

The AR eye patch gives you beyond-human senses with the ability to precisely measure distance and the “see” temperature. At the same time, you can look cool while wearing it like the Metal Gear Solid Eye or some sort of steampunk guy from the future.

Gregory’s eye patch is built on top of an Arduino core with an ultrasonic distance sensor ( not like that), along with an infrared temperature sensor. Instead of using an LCD, the eye patch relays information to you through a set of LEDs, including a red light that indicates temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The proximity sensor can detect objects as far as five feet away, while a green LED blinks faster as you move closer to an object.

Gregory built his AR eye patch to help others like him born without 3D vision—it's sort of like a hearing aid, but for your eyes. According to Gregory, the eye patch is not equipped with a camera because it is not meant to record your life. Instead, it’s meant to help aid the wearer with new information in a usable way.

[Gregory McRoberts via Geeky Gadgets]

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