The most anticipated tech of 2013

2013 will serve up a boatload of tech, but here are the 10 things I anticipate the most from the year ahead.

My top 10 list of most anticipated tech of 2013

After a turbulent twelve months in tech for 2012, it’s time to look ahead to 2013. Next year should be just as exciting, better Windows 8 hardware, possibly new game consoles and the usual new-and-improved gadgets from Apple.

Here’s a look at what I'm most interested in finding out more about in tech in 2013:

Intel Haswell

If you buy a Windows 8 tablet or hybrid now, you've got a tough choice to make: Either you get an Atom-based machine with weak performance but great battery life, or you get an i5-based tablet with the power of a full laptop but a battery that won’t last more than six hours.

With Intel’s upcoming Haswell CPUs, users may not have to compromise. The chip promises double the battery life over existing Ivy Bridge-based machines, without taking a hit in performance.

Next-gen game consoles from Sony and Microsoft

Now that Nintendo’s Wii U is on store shelves, all eyes are on Sony and Microsoft to respond with their own next-generation game consoles.

Sony’s next Playstation may support 4K resolution and 1080p 3D gaming, according to one rumor, while the next Xbox may have a much more accurate version of Kinect motions controls and, eventually, augmented reality glasses.

Expect speculation to hit fever pitch as we approach the E3 trade show in June.

Next-Gen Windows 8 hybrids

The docking stations in next wave of Windows 8 hybrids may do more than just add a keyboard, trackpad and extra battery. Future devices may add extra storage, or more processing power, turning them into high-performance laptops when docked.

Chances are, their latching mechanisms will become more refined as well. Now if only we could actually find them in stores, we’d be all set.

Blackberry 10

Don’t count Research in Motion out just yet. Its Blackberry 10 operating system looks pretty interesting, with an emphasis on unified communications, fast app switching and a smart touch keyboard that lets you easily select word predictions as you type.

RIM plans to announce the first Blackberry 10 phones on January 30.

Flexible displays

The tech world has been hyping flexible displays for nearly a decade, but now we may finally be on the cusp of seeing the technology in 2013’s smartphones.

Google has been trying to make bendable displays work in a so-called “X Phone” from Motorola, according to the Wall Street Journal , and Samsung says it’s going to unveil the technology on a 5.5-inch, 720p display at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

No, this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to wrap your next phone around your wrist, but the technology does make devices more durable, so you might not have to wrap it in an ugly case.

More Surfaces from Microsoft

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote in a letter to shareholders this year, the company is fully prepared to make it's own hardware when the situation demands it.

That of course includes the Surface with Windows RT and the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, which is due to launch in January.

But there’s also chatter of more touch screen devices on the way, including a larger convertible notebook and an “ Xbox Surface” for playing games. In any case, we’re interested to see what Microsoft does on the hardware front next year.

Windows Blue

Rumor has it that the days of a new Windows version every three years are coming to an end, as Microsoft is forced to iterate faster and keep up with iOS, OS X and Android.

Windows Blue will reportedly bring new features to Microsoft's operating system, though we don't know what those are yet. A Notification Center, built-in voice dictation and a way to boot directly into the desktop might be a good start.

Faster Internet everywhere

Although 4G LTE data speeds aren’t new, they’ll become ubiquitious in 2013. Verizon Wireless plans to complete its rollout by the middle of the year, and AT&T will complete its network by year-end.

Sprint will continue to grow its 4G LTE footprint, and T-Mobile will finally launch its service next year.

Meanwhile, JetBlue promises much faster Wi-Fi in the sky through satellite-based technology. And on home networks, fifth-generation Wi-Fi routers are coming to take advantage of faster wired Internet services such as Google Fiber. 2013 will be a great time to get online.

Google’s Project Glass

Chances are you won't be able to buy Google's augmented reality glasses next year, but an early prototype of Google’s Project Glass is set to go out to a small number of developers, who’ve paid $1500 for the privilege.

Once that happens, Silicon Valley might look a little bit nerdier.

iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple finally jumped on the small tablet bandwagon in 2012 with the iPad Mini. Now all it needs to do is blow the competition out of the water with a killer display.

It's unclear whether Apple can cram a 2048-by-1536 resolution "Retina" display into next year's model, but the rumor mill is slowly becoming convinced that it'll happen.

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