Stop StarCraft II From Melting Your PC's Face Off

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Blizzard admits certain StarCraft II menu screens can "make your hardware work pretty hard." Screens "light on detail," that is, which makes no sense, until you read that it's because--left to twiddling its digital thumbs--the game works to draw these screens "very quickly," sort of like revving your car engine with the gearstick in neutral.

Well now there's a temporary fix until Blizzard's had a chance to properly patch things.

According to a note on the company's official message board,

Screens that are light on detail may make your system overheat if cooling is overall insufficient. This is because the game has nothing to do so it is primarily just working on drawing the screen very quickly. A temporary workaround is to go to your Documents\StarCraft II\variables.txt file and add these lines:



You may replace these numbers if you want to.

If your card already went all Three Mile Island, you'll want to contact Blizzard Support. There's been no official word they'll do anything for you (no one's certain the "overheating issue" was capable of actually damaging GPUs) but if you're pretty sure StarCraft II murdered your video card, as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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