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At a Glance
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If you find navigating and typing text on your Android phone to be frustrating, Gesture Search may provide some relief. Just start drawing letters (gestures) on the touchscreen, and Gesture Search will match results from your installed apps, Contacts, music, and browser bookmarks. Each subsequent letter you draw will further refine the search.

In my hands-on tests, Gesture Search performed well; I usually found what I was looking for in three gestures or fewer. The main drawback of this app is that you have to open it to use it--you can’t use it while in another app. Gesture Search would be much more useful if you could map it to the search button, or activate it within other apps, but this is not currently possible.

Also, I was disappointed to find that Gesture Search does not search the Internet, nor does it search for any files other than bookmarks and music files. Perhaps a future version will add this functionality. For now, Gesture Search is more of a curiosity than a replacement for the built-in universal search function.

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At a Glance
  • Gesture Search is a handy way to find apps, Contacts, music, and browser bookmarks on your Android phone, but it is not a universal search tool.


    • Drawing on the touchscreen is an easy, intuitive way to search.


    • Doesn't search the Internet or find files other than music.
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