Zensorium’s Tinke wants to measure your fitness and stress levels (video)

LAS VEGAS— One of the many fitness and health tech companies exhibiting products at this year’s Digital Experience showcase at CES was Zensorium, which demonstrated its flagship wellness product, the Tinke. A small, colored square with two round sensors, the Tinke is designed to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and heart rate variability over time.

All you need to do is attach the Tinke to their iOS device via the 30-pin dock connector (which means you can't use it with the iPhone 5), and then place their thumb over the sensors so the device can measure cardiorespiratory levels. Tinke captures blood volume changes from the fingertip using optical sensing and signal processing technologies. It takes thirty seconds to register (sixty if you’d like to measure your Zen Index or stress level via breathing).

You can use Tinke anytime, anywhere, and it's designed primarily to encourage deep breathing exercises in order to promote relaxation and alleviate stress levels.

Tinke also provides you with a Vita Index, a personalized cardio-respiratory score created by collecting your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood oxygen level. You can compare your scocres with other Tinke users or shre them via Facebook.

The device is compact (42mm by 32mm by 7mm) and wireless, and it comes available in blue, pink, black, or white. Tinke also has a companion iOS app that works in conjunction with the device to display your results; the app will provide you with error messages if there is too much pressure from your fingers or ambient lighting affecting measurement. While the Tinke is not a medical device, it can assist in stress relief through regular deep breathing exercises.

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