Neurosky demos brain-controlled cat ears and helicopter (video)

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Las Vegas—Neurosky has been around for awhile—we’ve covered them several times in the past—and they don’t have any huge announcements for CES 2013. However, we did get a chance to do a hands-on (or rather, heads-on) demonstration with the Necomimi brain-controlled cat ear headband, as well as with the PuzzleBox Orbit, which is a brain-controlled helicopter that rises and falls based on your concentration level.

Neurowear's Necomimi Cat Ears

Neurowear’s Necomimi cat ear headbanddebuted at the Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego. This headset uses Neurosky’s EEG brainwave-reading API to control a pair of colorful kitty ears. The cat ears swivel with your attention span—if you’re alert, the ears swivel forward and up to indicate that, and if you’re relaxed, the ears swivel downward. If you can get in the “zone,” or the perfect balance of alertness and relaxation, the ears wiggle back and forth.

Necomimi is currently available online for $99.95. You can purchase additional ears to attach to your headset for between $20 and $30.

The PuzzleBox Orbit

The PuzzleBox Orbit is a Kickstarter-funded project that also uses Neurosky’s headset and API. The Orbit is a small remote-controlled helicopter that you can control using your brainwaves. The Orbit is powered by concentration—if you concentrate on a single task (for example, reciting the alphabet), the helicopter will power up and start flying. But if you break your concentration, the helicopter will lose power and fall.

The Orbit is available for pre-order on Puzzlebox’s website, but the Kickstarter part of the project is already in production.

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