Future Ford vehicles may improve your social life

LAS VEGAS—Ford is experimenting with new technology that may improve your love life, the automaker said at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.

Ford said it is testing a new BeCouply app with Sync AppLink that "can turn a directionless date night into a fun night of bowling or a romantic dinner."

"The car can play a critical role in the success of a burgeoning relationship," Ford noted.

No word yet on when the technology will make it into vehicles.

"Couples looking to escape another mundane date night driving circles around town might soon find help with a new app that will make it easy to have an exciting social life," said Ford in a statement.

The driver says, "What are some good date ideas nearby?" Sync then suggests things such as "have brunch" or "go bowling." The user asks where and the system lists recommended places.

Ford rightly argues that for many couples "date night begins in the car."

There has been a link between automobiles and romance since the beginning. Ford is just taking it to the next level, it appears.

"Cars fulfilled a romantic function from the dawn of the auto age," wrote David L. Lewis in "Sex and the Automobile: From Rumble Seats to Rockin' Vans," an essay in the anthology The Automobile and American Culture. "They permitted couples to get much farther away from front porch swings, parlor sofas, hovering mothers and pesky siblings than ever before."

Edmunds says: Does Ford also run the risk of being blamed for failed relationships if the dates are a dud?

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