How to Get Started With Google Analytics

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Google Analytics' tracking settings are seen here.

At the far right, you see a number of options pertaining to subdomains of the site you want to track, multiple top-level domains of the domain you want to track, DoubleClick and custom campaign tags. You can enable these if you wish.

Below that is the tracking code, which you need to place into every page you want to track. After that is a section for PHP implementation. If you run a WordPress blog, you can simplify the installation process by visiting the plug-ins section of and search for Google Analytics; you'll wind up with several plug-in options.

Once you've enabled Google Analytics on your website(s), it will start collecting date within a matter of hours.

Here's an overview of where website visitors come from.
Customize Your Google Analytics Account

Here's the audience overview for Travels With Nathan. While the site doesn't get a lot of traffic, it's possible to see where visitors come from, what pages they go to and what keywords are most popular.

On the left side of the audience overview screen is a list of the controls available to you. These include Demographics, Behavior, Mobile and Visitors Flow.

When you look at the analytics page, you'll notice tabs across the top giving you a choice between standard and customized reports.

Google Analytics offers standardized reports as well as the ability to customize.

When you launch analytics for a given site, you're taken to the standard reporting page. As the preceding screenshots show, this layout contains a lot of data and it might be too much. One way of dealing with this issue is to set up a Custom Reporting page.

To do this, click on the Custom Reporting tab. Click on New Custom Report and enter a name for the report.

Here's the first step in creating a new custom report.

Next, you have two options: Explorer (data tables with clickable rows) or Flat table (one table that shows all the data). For this article I'm using the Explorer option and I've entered a name: Simplified Travel Report.

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