Loksak is a waterproof way to transport your tablet (video)

LAS VEGAS—Fear not, deep-sea divers: Now you can take your smartphone with you on those icy underwater trips.

Loksak’s line of transparent protective bags for smartphones, e-readers, and tablets on display at the International CES act as barriers against the elements for your gadgets. Water, sand, and snow don’t stand a chance against the sacks’ hermetic seals.

You can order the bags in varying dimensions, though the 3-inch by 6-inch sack holds 90 percent of smartphones, according to the company. A three-pack costs less than $8 online.

Then there’s the Shield Sack, a bag that protects your gadgets from getting hacked. The sack blocks all signals on your smartphone and tablet so no one can remotely access your device. The bags breeze through airport security, too.

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