TechHive robot Blipp storms CES 2013

Our official TechHive robot Blipp went everywhere at CES 2013. Here's a look at his wild ride.

Blipp goes to CES 2013

Blipp, one of our TechHive robots, may not always pull his weight when it comes to working—but he knows how to have a good time.

He started the Vegas trip off right trying his luck at the slots.

Hitting it big

Blipp trying out the 2-cent slot machines. He isn't much of a risk-taker.

Hide 'n' seek

Blipp doing his best to blend in. Nice to be with those closer to his own kind.

They see Blipp rollin'

Blipp taking up two seats on the shuttle. Blipp! You don't even need one seat!

Unrequited love

Blipp wonders how this happened.

Sanrio's next top model?

Blipp hanging with the Sanrio crew. Bad Batz-Maru seems to have a problem with it.

Generation gap

Blipp is that your grandfather? He's held up well.

Blipps a Belieber

Blipp getting some work done back at the TechHive trailer.

Out of gas

No Blipp, you can't test drive that car!

Blipp does

Blipp is Lenovo's guy!


Blipp wonders what football has to do with a tech event.

One of us

Blipp with his own kind! Yay Blipp!

That's going to spoil

Is Blipp hungry?

A room with a view

Blipp relaxes at the hotel for a minute.

Leaving Las Vegas

Blipp unwinds after a long day at CES. Hey, robots need to relax too!

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