Top Tech-Consuming States Love Their Gadgets

Read on for a look at where consumers are leading the gadget charge and where they're hanging back.

The Big Apple

Apple has been racking up iPad sales in the Big Apple and the rest of the state of New York. The state has 52 percent more households with at least one iPad compared to the rest of the nation, according to Retrevo, a shopping and review site for consumer electronics.

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E-Readers En Masse (and in Mass.)

Boasting some of the most prestigious universities in the world — Harvard and MIT among them — Massachusetts is one smaht state. MIT is also home to sixth sense hand-gesture technology. You're more likely to see e-readers in Massachusetts than in other states, nearly 50 percent more likely, says Retrevo.

Low-Tech in Pennsylvania

Retrevo's study found that Pennsylvania has the most "lower tech" cell phones — a badge of honor that the men and women of Pennsylvania probably wear with pride.

Strike a Pose, Michigan

Apparently, shooting pictures isn't limited to sporting events in Michigan. Retrevo found slightly more point-and-shoot cameras in Michigan households than other states.

Maryland: Crabcakes & Flat Panel TVs

The state leads the nation in smartphones (48 percent more households with at least one smartphone) and flat panel televisions (13 percent more households with a flat panel TV), according to Retrevo.

Laptops in the Colorado Rockies

Thirteen percent more Colorado households have at least one laptop more than the national average, according to Retrevo. (Georgia and Minnesota are also big on laptops.)

California Goes Green!

The rallying cry "Go Green!" might have been coined in California. When it comes to tech gadgets, it's no surprise that California households led the nation in recycling, according to Retrevo.

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