Geeky Eats, Nerdy Treats

Some iPad Thai, an 8-bit wine, and a gingerbread TIE Fighter for dessert--check out how culinary-minded geeks express their tech enthusiasm.

Geeky Eats, Nerdy Treats

Food is great--necessary, even. But when was the last time your daily bread inspired any sort of awe?

Why not liven up lunch time? Join us for a look at some sweets, snacks, and beverages with a decidedly nerdy take on the culinary arts.


Can't get enough of Apple? These iPhone cupcakes, courtesy of Nick and Danielle Bilton, just might do the trick. You can't make any phone calls on them, but you can hold them any way you'd like.

Photo: Flickr user NickBilton

8-Bit Vintners' Player 1

Geeks with a refined palate will appreciate Mike James's 8-Bit Vintners. Kicking things off is the inaugural Player 1 vintage, bottled in 2009 after having aged for 18 to 22 months. Aimed at budding wine aficionados, the wine has been sampled at geek gatherings such as the Penny Arcade Expo and the Child's Play charity auction.

Photo: 8-Bit Vintners

Steve Jobs Is Served

Here's an hors d'oeuvres plate that's fit for any fanboy luncheon. What better way to celebrate your love (or loathing) of Apple's iBaubles than by devouring Steve Jobs's head? (In mozzarella effigy, of course.)

Photo: The Cooks' Den

Spellcasting Soda

Fledgling geeks (or those who rolled low CON stats) might like this nonalcoholic treat: Spellcasting Soda, from Jones Soda. These Dungeons and Dragons-themed drinks should fit right in with a night of role playing. But beware: After a few bottles of 8-Bit Vintners' Player 1, the Potion of Healing won't work as advertised.

Photo: Jones Soda

Jabba the Cake

Jabba the Hutt: ruthless gangster, feared crime lord, and...tempting confection? Flickr user icruise's birthday cake pays homage to the notorious slug, and demands that we revisit the Star Wars saga with eyes wide open.

Photo: Flickr user icruise


Objet d'art? Sculpture? Sure. But cake? We're undecided as to whether taking a bite out of this sugary-sweet Mario facsimile would be a crime--or the perfect birthday treat. Alas, Delectable's designer cakes aren't available outside of Malaysia, but they could be worth the trip.

Photo: Delectable Designer Cakes

Tasty Controller Mods

Gaming is a fun hobby, but it would be even more fun if we could somehow eat it. Enter controller cookies: They might not be usable, but they're much more delicious than your stock controller. The Diamonds for Dessert blog offers a nifty guide to making your own controller cookies from scratch, including stencils that you can print.

Photo: Diamonds for Dessert

Gingerbread TIE Advanced Fighter

For all its bluster, the Star Wars Galactic Empire is terrible at the whole military-industry bit. Soldiers with paper-thin armor? Space fortresses that succumb to a single X-Wing's onslaught? And now they're building TIE Advanced Fighters out of gingerbread? It might keep costs low (and stranded pilots will never go hungry), but the Emperor really ought to consider hiring new contractors.

Photo: Flickr user firqoret

Anna the Red’s Big Daddy Bento

Bioshock's Big Daddy has never looked so good. Anna the Red's Bento Factory is chock-full of fascinatingly intricate (and edible) lunch boxes, and gaming's most infamous babysitter is a real winner. The deep sea diver is reborn as bits of fried potato, rice, and meatballs, while the darling little sister is an amalgam of cheese, ham, seaweed, and lettuce.

Photo: Anna the Red's Bento Factory

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