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Getting Down to Business

HowTask (free): "Control the Task! And, you can send a mail! " HowTask is--sort of--a To Do app... I think. You can create a task, label it, and assign it a date. You can e-mail the task, or modify it, or delete it... and that is all. Perhaps your first task should be to install a better app, like GTasks.

Second task: Uninstall HowTask.

Woulldn't it be easier to just write a letter?
MyLetter-Handwriting on Phone (free): "Use MyLetter to create handwriting letter, notes, MMS etc. full of your personal style." That is, if your personal style is illegible and childlike. It does not transcribe your writing. The interface is awkward, and the resulting "letter" is just a .png image with your poorly scrawled, semi-legible words on it.

Why not just write a letter on a real piece of paper, photograph it, and e-mail the image?

Business Cards (free): "Take a picture of your business cards. Organize them by organization and Person. View and zoom your business cards. Search them. Send them via e-mail. No OCR." You could also use the built-in camera on your Android phone to do the same thing. Business Cards doesn't have OCR (Optical Character Recognition), so you can't extract text from the images.

If you want a really useful way to organize business cards, Google Goggles (free) can extract text from business cards, then add the information into your Contacts.

Beauty in the Eye of the App?

Skin Cleanser app
Skin Cleanser app.
Skin Cleanser ($0.99) "uses a specific sound frequency and a yellow color wavelength from the Imperial Topaz gemstone to help clean the skin of dark spots, sun spots, and acne scars."

Finally, a convenient alternative to soap and water!

Acne Clear ($0.99) "uses a specific sound frequency and a blue color wavelength from the Lapis Lazuli gemstone to help clear and detox the skin."

Move over, Proactiv.

Baby ESP Trial (7-day free trial) helps you "track when your baby Eats, Sleeps, Poops (ESP)."

Really? If you need an Android app for that, perhaps you should hire a nanny. Just a thought.

Beauty Weight Test (free): "Women's Health is your source for health, fitness tips, weight loss ... can pass this baby-blocker test." Um, okay. It provides you with a chart that matches your (metric system) weight and height to tell you if you are fat, slim or "ideal."

I'm still not sure if I passed the "baby-blocker test," or what passing it would mean.

Eye Brightener app
Eye Brightener app.
Eye Brightener ($0.99) "uses a specific sound frequency and a magenta color wavelength from the Rose Quartz gemstone to help reduce dark circles and puffy eyes."

I guess it beats holding actual stones over your eyes.

Odds and Ends

Facebook for Android (official version, free): "Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected and share information with friends. You can share status updates from your home screen, check out your News Feed, look at your friends' walls and user info, upload photos, share links and check your Inbox."

It actually is less functional than the Web browser version of Facebook. Just bookmark the Facebook URL.

Man Up! (Enhance Male Power) ($1.99): This list would not be complete without at least one male-enhancement app. By "just listening [to] some special brainwaves" you can "heal sexual dysfunctions that [are] caused by stress."

Perhaps you and your phone are spending a little too much time together.

Brent W. Hopkins is PCWorld's Android App reviewer. Looking for useful Android apps? Read the dozens of reviewed apps in our AppGuide.

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