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There's no denying that turn-based games are fun; XCOM: Enemy Unknown was one of the most exciting, terrifying and exhilarating games I played last year. Now the guys at Bohemia Interactive, creators of Arma II (which spawned the popular mod DayZ) are looking to give that experience to you on the go with Arma Tactics.

We heard a lot about Nvidia's handheld gaming system, Project Shield, during CES 2013 but the announcement lacked any information about possible launch titles. Arma Tactics is one of the games used to show off the hardware, and now we know the game is targeted to release later in the year (during Bohemia's second financial quarter of 2013), possibly an effort to help Project Shield attract hardcore PC gamers (though we don't know for sure when Project Shield itself will debut.)

Bohemia Interactive
Sweet dynamic setting

The player will control a four-member Special Forces team through story-driven missions or ones with randomized objectives. Bohemia Interactive boasts that there are no set paths, strategies or rails that you must move on; all decisions will be up to the player on the best way to succeed. The game can be controlled with Project Shield's console-like controller or the touchscreen, and it will offer unlockable weapons and campaigns, character leveling and achievements for a little extra replayability.

Bohemia Interactive
Different perspective and some dynamic lighting.

Arma Tactics' setting looks good from the few screenshots provided. Not only is it pretty, but it looks complex enough to warrant many different play styles. Ladders and stairs look like an interesting way to change up the flow of combat, while a plethora of objects could provide cover and areas to regroup. If the developers bring the careful attention to detail and authenticity that Arma II is (in)famous for, this could be a killer launch title.

Bohemia Interactive
Stan's the man.

Arma Tactics and Project Shield look to be released sometime in the second quarter of 2013. Bohemia Interactive also hinted at a possibility for an iOS, Android, PC, MAC and Linux release sometime in third quarter of 2013.

You can check out the Arma Tactics webpage for any updates and media.

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