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GoDaddy: "Your Big"

You know that amazing new invention idea you have? GoDaddy wants you to claim it before anyone else does by registering a domain and putting it online. Because we all know that doing that instantly leads to you sipping champage on a private jet.


GoDaddy: "Perfect Match"

However, the above ad was more palatable than this second GoDaddy offering with its gross-out factor:


Kia Sorento: "Space Babies"

If you’ve ever thought ‘this commercial would be great, if it only had more parachuting baby animals,’ then this Kia Sorento ad is right up your alley. It also offers a creative “birds and the bees” alternative to tell your kids.


Audi: "Prom Tradition"

In this Audi Super Bowl spot, a high schooler goes “stag” to the prom, only to learn the valuable lesson that all it takes to win the love of your life is to drive a sleek car. If only we’d all had nice new Audis back then.

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