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Hyundai Sonata: "Stuck"

When you’re driving it’s best to be in front, especially when stuck behind the manner of things featured in this Hyundai commercial. Leave the toxic sludge-spewing trucks for all the schmucks who don’t have Hyundais, right?


Wheat Thins: "Night Vision"

Wheat Thins ups the weird with this Super Bowl ad, which featured a paranoid man guarding his precious crackers with night-vision goggles.


Fiat: "Sisters"

An attractive family of Italians exits a Fiat 500L to meet and greet their American hosts—relationship unknown. The 500L is large and, to the delightful surprise of the American father, full of beautiful women. It's like that old VW Beetle full-of-clowns gag, only with sex appeal. 

Hyundai: "Excited"

Hyundai's really made a name for itself in the past few years. This ad compares the relatively-affordable Genesis luxury sedan to its more expensive competitors: more horsepower than a BMW 550i, 0-60 mph faster than a Porsche Panamera S. Yup, and the design of a 12-year old Mercedes. That's where the money is, Lebowski.


Hyundai: "Team"

A kid is denied a spot in a pickup football game, and told to "come back when you've got a team." So with his mom behind the wheel of a new Santa Fe. the kid runs around town recruiting a pack of rugged, heroic, work-hardened teammates.

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